Angular Material Table - with Drag 'n Drop

Duncan Faulkner
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This short book (or Shook as I'm calling them) is about setting up an Angular Material Table with a Drag and Drop feature.

We will cover the following topics in this Shook.

  • Adding an Angular Material table to a project.
  • Add Drag and Drop support using the Angular CDK library
  • We will add SCSS to style the Drag and Drop preview to make it stand out when users are dragging an item.
  • Bonus Content - we will also look at creating a simplified version that doesn't use a table but gives us a similar user experience.

This Shook also includes copies of the Angular Setup Guide (one using ngModules and one for the NEW Standalone component feature), which explains how to set up Angular CLI, Node, Node Version Manager (nvm) and how to add Angular Material to an Angular project.

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