Angular Material Fundamentals - Mat-Slider

Duncan Faulkner
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Welcome to the latest edition in the Angular Material Fundamentals series of short books (what I'm calling Shooks). In this edition, we cover the Angular Material Slider component and learn about the various methods, properties and directives that this component has.

At the end of this book, you will have a solid understanding of the Mat-Slider component.

In this book we cover the following topics:

Version 14

  • ThumbLabel and Formating
  • Min and Max
  • Orientation
  • Invert
  • Step
  • Tickmarks
  • Colour
  • Disabled
  • Change events

Whilst writing this short book, Angular Material version 15 was released, I upgraded the sample project that accompanies this book and found that the Angular Material Team had updated Angular Material with the Material Design Components. For the most part, only styling and a few API changes have been made, with the exception of the Mat-Slider, this component has been rewritten and so I was able to include those changes to the component in this book.

Version 15

  • Slider
  • Range - (new functionality!)
  • Discrete
  • Showtick marks
  • Displaywith
  • ValueText
  • Min/Max
  • Changes to the API

This has been a fun journey and I hope you also enjoy it and find it useful.

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This short book covers the Angular Material Mat-Slider (both version 14 & 15)

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Angular Material Fundamentals - Mat-Slider

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